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All around the country to shoot music videos

Get comfortable and join us behind the scenes of our upcoming music video.

2/13/20221 min read

I traveled from Houston to New York City stopping in all the major cities. I shot music videos and stayed at some of the greatest places. The greatest place I stayed was at my sister's house in Virginia. I even shot a music video at the beach there. It was so much fun! probably too much fun! I spent time with my niece and really enjoyed that. We all took photos and I'll never forget riding a mechanical bull and falling off.

New York was a blast, I got a chance to shoot a video there as well. I did so much. I have tons of footage for music videos that you'll be seeing soon. so stay tuned.

Can you believe we drove from Houston to California and did the same thing. I can't wait to show you these great visuals.